“David Heathfield is an experienced, imaginative, highly intelligent writer.” – Mario Rinvolucri

Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for telling tales from around the world  is his latest book and part of the multi-award winning DELTA Publishing Teacher Development Series. ISBN 978 1 905085 87 3


“David Heathfield has generously shared his encyclopoedic knowledge of stories worldwide to offer us a selection of engaging story material which he has successfully used with students of all ages. The book is worth buying for the stories alone. But, additionally, the compendium of techniques offers teachers an indispensable toolkit for getting the best out of stories” – Alan Maley in English Teaching Professional Full review.

“It is the most clearly written manual on how to choose, learn, tell and work with a story that I have ever come across…a powerful means of developing the drama teacher’s own classroom practice while offering a rich and entertaining multi-cultural resource.” – Prof. Andrew Kempe in National Drama Magazine, Spring 2015 Full review.

“Brilliant short stories are threaded throughout the book for the reader to learn to re-tell. There is a wealth of myths and multicultural stories to use.” – Jo Robinson in NATE Teaching English Magazine, Spring 2015 Full review.

“A detailed and fascinating guide to telling stories” – Helen Lustenberger in ETAS Magazine, Summer 2015 Full review.

“First-rate book” – Janet Dowling in the School Librarian, Autumn 2014 Full review.


spontaneous-speakingSpontaneous Speaking: Drama activities for confidence and fluency is a highly practical Teacher Resource book in the DELTA Publishing Professional Perspectives Series. Author’s review.

ISBN 978 1 900783 92 7

“a must have book” – English Teaching Professional

“an excellent resource, combining originality with practicality, creativity with clear and worthwhile aims” – Modern English Teacher

“a lively collection of ideas for improvisations and scenarios pitched at developing
oracy” – National Drama, Spring 2015

World Stories includes fourteen stories recorded by David. You can find links to the studio quality audio recordings here on youtube and click on the story titles below to find the transcriptions in English. There are also translations of many of these transcriptions into languages where the stories are traditionally told.


11424000_377627929102123_7938476390233754137_nCreativity in the English Language Classroom is a free British Council book which includes David’s Chapter Personal and Creative Storytelling: Telling Our Stories. Here are videos to accompany the nine practical activities David outlines.

“a spellbook of magic potential” – Sylvia Guinan Full review

global issues



Integrating Global Issues in the Creative English Language Classroom: With reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is another free British Council book which includes David’s Chapter Storytelling for a Better World. You can find videos on youtube of David telling the five stories and of learners of English doing the activities.


David is also the author of many practical articles on creative approaches in education:

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