David is experienced in designing and delivering multisensory storytelling workshops specific to the special needs of the people he works with. Recent enriching workshops have been with Ellen Tinkham School, The West of England School, Mill Water School, Wyvern School, Fairwinds. He has done Disability Equality Training.

“Many of the students demonstrated skills they do not normally reveal! I also found that the challenges were met with enthusiasm and gave positive results…The drama basis is an excellent tool in helping people with disabilities to express themselves in a safe environment.” – Diana Cole (Adult Services Co-ordinator, RISE)

“I will remember the way David involved the children, changed the tone of his voice, included props, instruments and songs and then empowered the children by using their suggestions.” – Amber Regan, Teaching Assistant, Ellen Tinkham School, Exeter


“The children were very focused and engaged. David used a multisensory approach to gain and hold the children’s interest and attention.” – Ann Nice, Teacher, Millwater School, Honiton